You're probably a bit curious about who I am. Well, I'm an Australian photographic artist, based in Bendigo, Central Victoria. Up until 2004, painting and printmaking had been my main areas of interest, but then I discovered digital photography and taught myself how to use Photoshop. Over the years I've exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, including one group show in Long Island, New York and another in Los Angeles. I've also had work on screen at The Louvre and been part of a projection at Times Square.

I love what I do, it's both fun and rewarding. I also love the idea of my work existing in someone else's home. The trouble is, not everyone can afford to buy a piece they like at an exhibition. The idea of this shop is to offer people an easy, accessible and secure means to buy something I've created. Of course this also helps me afford new equipment, develop new projects and so on. Everyone wins!

So, that's me. You can find out more and see more at my art site: I'm also on Facebook at Hugh Waller Art, so you never know, we might have a chat there sometime.
Have fun, and thanks for dropping by.