Yes. All deliveries both within and outside Australia are handled by Australia Post.
Currency conversions for U.S. and New Zealand Dollars , the Euro, and the British Pound are easily found by clicking on your chosen currency as in the photo below. Unfortunately I cannot provide conversions for all currencies within the shop site, if you do need to convert to any other currency are number of online currency converters are available, e.g.
menu currency selector

No, simply browse and shop.
You have the option to create an account later to speed up your shopping in the future if you want. It's up to you.
All deliveries are handled by Australia Post and are despatched as quickly as possible. Naturally the amount of time it takes for your parcel to be delivered to you varies depending on where you are and the level of service you choose/chose at Checkout. If you'd like to get a rough idea on how long a delivery might take simply visit the 'Australia Post Calculate postage & delivery times' page at Once there simply enter 3550 as the 'From' postcode and your information in the 'To' field.
All downloadable content, i.e. Wallpapers/Backgrounds are available for you to download once Checkout has been completed.
Easy! You have a number of options. Once your purchase has been despatched, you’ll receive an email (Shipping confirmation) containing a tracking number unique to your purchase. Please don't delete this email, you'll need your tracking number.
1/ Visit the Track Your Order page here on on the shop site. Copy your tracking number and paste it into Tracking Number field on the Track Your Order page and click the Track button. You'll then be taken to a page with the latest information on your delivery.
2/ Visit Australia Post's Track your item page at  Again, copy your tracking number and paste it into the "Enter tracking number" field and click the Track button.
3/ There are quite a few parcel/package tracking apps available for mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers. Download one these and follow the instructions applicable to each app.
The first thing to do is read all the information in 'How long does it take to deliver my purchase?' and 'How can I track my delivery?'. If you think you've allowed sufficient time and you still haven't received your purchase, please get in contact with me as soon as possible. If you can supply me with your tracking number and invoice number this will enable me to give you a quicker reply. You can contact me via the Contact page.
You can pay with a debit/credit card or with Pay Pal. You'll be given these options at Checkout.
First thank you very much for your review. They all help.
Adding a review is very easy.
1/ From either the 'Home' page or 'Catalogue' page click on the product you’d like to review.
2/ Once the product informations has loaded scroll down where you’ll see ‘Product Description’ and ‘Customer Reviews’.
3/ Click on Customer Reviews and you’ll see a button to right: ‘Write a review’, click on this to add your review.
 Write a review button
When you make a purchase a number of emails will be sent at various stages of your orders progress such as an Order Confirmation, an Invoice, a Shipping Confirmation, and so on. If you don't see these in your emails Inbox please check your Junk folder, or whatever your email client/app calls it, there's a very good chance they're there.
Also, sometimes people don't realise that every now and then, depending on what email client/app they're using, that they're Inbox is so full that no new messages can be received. You'll have to research how to find out if your Inbox is full and how to empty it because they all vary a little bit on this.
If you need an email re-sent contact me via the Contact page and I'll do my best for you.
To make sure emails sent from me go into your Inbox in the future you may need to make sure that is whitelisted, or set as ok, in your email client/apps spam/junk settings. They're all a bit different so you might have to research how to do this.
You'll find full information on returns and refunds on the page. Please read all of this before contacting me about any returns or refunds.
You'll find the Privacy Policy at There is also a readily available link in the sites footer.
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Of course you can. If you've seen something on my website or somewhere else, please, get in touch using the form on the 'Contact' page and we can take it from there.